labebe Kid Book Display, Wood White Bookshelf Kid 1 Year Up


labebe Kid Book Display, Wood White Bookshelf Kid 1 Year Up

 Categories: : Bookcase

 Store: : Walker Furniture

  • ? ENCOURAGE READING - New released! Designed by our elite designer Marine Franiatte, Labebe provides you a concise and fashion bookshelf for your lovely kids. Putting colorful story books on it, the shelf will be well decorated, and your children will be attracted and more willing to noticing and reading the books. Let's bring fun and happy time to your family! Also, It can be well used as tall bookshelf for kid or white storage of book.
  • ? RIGHT SIZE - The white shelf is 115 cm (45.5 ") tall, 75 cm (29.5") long and 15 cm (6 ") wide, with a total of four storeys and ample storage space. Depending on the frequency of use, books can be placed on different levels. According to their own preferences, children can make the bookshelf to be an exclusive bookcase for themselves. After reading, parents can guide kids to return books back on the shelf. This will also help cultivate the children's ability to organize things.
  • ? VERTICAL BACK & STYLISH FURNITURE - The upright back of the bookshelf fits for the home wall perfectly. You can put it against the wall as a fixed bookcase to save your space. It is a very nice Nordic style furniture for the house, and a beautiful scenery in the children's room. The four hooks on both sides can hang with storage bags or kids' school backpacks, to increase the utilization of space.
  • ? EASY ASSEMBLE & EASY CLEANING - The bookshelf is easy to assemble, usually taking no more than 15 minutes. Within a short time, you can create a 0-to-1 miracle in front of your kids! During the assembly process, we encourage you to invite your kids to give a hand, and we assure you it will be a very happy family time. (Pay attention to keep your baby away from the small parts.) The surface of the shelf is covered with eco-paint, and you can wipe it clean easily with a simply tower.
  • ? SAFE MATERIAL & AFTER-SALES SERVICE - The bookshelf is made of solid wood and eco-paint, which are strict to Toys Safety Standards EN-71 CE in Europe and ASTM F963 in US. Labebe aims to provide our customers with top products and great customer service. If you are not 100% satisfied, Shelly, CEO of Labebe, guarantees you 30-days money-back, with no questions asked. It is a must-have kid white bookshelf, toddler bookshelf white or a helpful kid bookshelf wall.

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